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Disabling this Blog

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Unfortunately, I have to disable this blog. To my surprise & dismay, I received an email from someone who claims they own the rights to the words “coupon mom.” For some reason they felt compelled to contact me and request that I change the name of my blog. Not sure why she felt threatened, I only have 8 subscribers. Lol. It’s quite¬†humorous.

Nevertheless, I do not have the time nor energy to make a new one. I was able to change the name but the URL remains the same, in which I am sure I would receive another email from above mention “coupon mom owner” crying about the URL.

If you are looking for blogs to follow may I suggest you bookmark these, they are the best IMO and ones I frequent myself.

Good luck couponers! ūüôā




Small Victory

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Stopped by Walgreens with today’s P&G, which can be found in the Sunday paper.

Picked up 4 Oral B Indicator toothbrushes which were advertised buy 2 for $2. I had two $2 off 2 Q’s which made them free!

Also had two $.75 off Q’s on the Colgate, which was marked down to $1.00. So those were .25 each.

Retail total $20.28
Out of pocket $1.04 ($.54 tax) ūüôā


Baby Shower Haul

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I haven’t been posting because of some technical issues that I am currently trying to resolve, that and I have been insanely busy with work, my son & photography, but I wanted to share my haul from this morning.

I am helping a good friend with her baby shower this fall, I went to the store this morning and was browsing the clearance section and found a ton of baby shower decoration on clearance, so I stocked up! ūüôā


48 paper cups (8 in each pack, $.50 each)

48 paper plates (8 in each pack, $.50 each)
48 dinner napkins (8 in each pack, $.50 each)
16 cake napkins (8 in each pack, $.25 each)
2 rolls of streamers ($.25 each)
3 packs of plastic pacifiers & rattles (.25 each) – 42 total
1 pack of confetti (.25 each)
2 packs of teddy bear cupcake picks (36 total)
2 center pieces ($.50 each)
2 shimmery garlands (.25 each)
1 Welcome Baby Banner ($.50)
1 pack of balloons ($.25)

Total : $15 OOP. ¬† Can’t beat $15 to decorate a whole baby shower! ūüėÄ

Free Bath & Body Works– Today only.

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Not only is Bath & Body Works having an amazing sale right now, but they are offering a free lotion from their new Citrus collection.

It is only being offered today, so print your¬†coupon¬†and go get your free lotion! ūüôā

Why it’s important to always carry your store coupon policy when shopping. *READ*

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Yesterday I posted a “Small Victory” I was¬†excited¬†to score a Lysol No-Touch hand sanitizing system for $2.45 (regular $10.00).

Last night I printed out more coupons so I could go back and grab another one before the Q’s expired. Yesterday, I had no issues at all using the¬†Lysol¬†coupon & the¬†Dollar General Coupons¬†in combination to get savings off of the item.

Today, however, was a different story. While checking out, the cashier called the manager to approve the use of two coupons for one item, which is common. The manager came up & told me I could not use 2 coupons for one item. I reminded her that the Dollar General CouponPolicy clearly states

“Maximum of two coupons per item. One coupon must be a Manufacturer‚Äôs Coupon and the second coupon must be a¬†Dollar General Coupon as long¬†as neither coupon states that it is not valid with other¬†coupons”

I didn’t have my coupon binder with me that had the coupon policy printed out in it, so I went to my car and looked it up using my cell phone & I also grabbed the receipt from yesterdays transaction. When I tried to show the manager the coupon policy, she wouldn’t even look at it. She said she didn’t care what the website said & that there was no way I could use 2 coupons on one item. She was beyond rude & very short tempered.

I asked her why she was being so rude, she told me that I had already been in the store 3 times and that it didn’t matter what proof I had I couldn’t use the coupons. I asked her to call her GM. She went into the office and 15 minutes later came out, told the cashier I could use the Q’s and walked away¬†without¬†acknowledging me at all.

This is why it is imperative you print out all your stores coupon policies and make a special place in your Q binder for them. Most staff members are not even aware of what the coupon policy is, so if you have a printed copy you can show them what the corporate offices have put in writing. Clearly not even this worked in my favor today.

Even though I did get my product at the price I was entitled too, this was not a victory. The rude staff at the Dollar General put a damper on my day, and I can assure you I will be contacting corporate offices about the poor customer service.

Carnation, Yoplait & more….on Facebook!

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Facebook has some great deals and all you have to do is click a button! These are ALL Facebook deals.

Go HERE¬†and “like” Carnation breakfast essentials to ger $1.25 off of any Carnation Breakfast Essentials product!

Print out a coupon HERE for $1.00 off a Yoplait smoothie.

Kids Boost essentials $1.00 Q found HERE if you get an error just refresh the page!

Kool-Aid coupon! Print it from HERE It is in Spanish but the Q prints in English!